Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh To Chew...

Hello all of my furry friends!!! Again, I greet you from the floor, I feel as if my best side shows when at the nose level. Notice, I have done a good job at keeping the brown stripe of dirt at the top of my snout! My human finally understands that it's a part of me, it's a part of my personality!

Well, over the weekend I lost about 5 teeth. The only baby teeth that I have left are 4 of my very back molars. Thus, eating my puppy chow goodness has been very difficult. So, all I have to do is give my human my, "but it hurts" eyes and I get that awesome puppy food from the can. Oh man! I love that stuff!

Now, these teeth don't just fall out on their own, I make them fall out! I just chew and chew, and then chew a little bit more! I try to eat the tooth, but it's hard to get down, so I just spit it out...then bite my human so she can see that I'm bleeding, and that means I need a treat! Anyway, my favorite things to chew on right now are those awesomely delish bully sticks! My human tried to switch it up a bit by buying me this...

I mean, it was a good call! It's a nylabone T-Bone Steak, and it smells like bacon! Joe Stains posted about it once, and he seemed to super love it, so I thought, "heck, I outta give it a try too!" So I gave it a good chompin'!

But then I realized...that it wasn't a real steak! Being that it wasn't real, that meant I couldn't really eat it! What the crap is that!!! Here is my look of "what the crap!"

So, in utter disgustment I gave up the steak and moved on to a special rawhide that I picked out all by myself. It was a little heavy, but while shopping with my human for the International Goody Exchange, I pulled this outta the bin and gave it a big chomp, then put my cooties all over it! That pretty much guarantees that my human will have to buy it!

Mmmmmmm, Rawhide bone...

So, after I spat out another tooth I decided that it was time to move onto another chewy, but before I could do that, I needed to look cute for that little silver box that flashes at me all the time...my humans camera.

As you see, I even gave my leash a good lick before I gnawed it a bit. I gotta share the love!

Anyway, I moved on to a pig hoof...mmmm I love those pig hooves, especially the stuffed ones.

Even Uncle Frisco joined in on the fun!!!

After I spat out yet another tooth...I thought to myself, "Yah know Bease, those unconventional toys are the ones that usually feel the best in my mouth." So, I turned to a stack of CD's that my human neglectfully left out on her bed. And being that I have now master jumping up on everything, I jumped on the bed and progressed to chomp deeper and deeper into the plastic goodness that was the CD case.
Ohhhhhhh yeaaaaaa, that's the good stuff!!!

Only four more teeth to go guys!!!! Woohoo!!!

Really though, I would rather have chomped on those enchiladas!
This is Mr. T-Bone Beasley signing out and reminding you all to check the list for the Internatioal Goody Exchange!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley


Girl Girl Hamster said...

I hope it's not painful when your teefies drop out. Can you get some toys with them with the tooth fairy?

~ Girl girl

happy said...

You spit all of them out so far? Hmm...I think I could've swallowed some in my time.

Maggie & Mitch said...

How are you gonna be able to eat with no teefies, Mr. T-Bone Beasley? ahhhhhhhhh - we get it! You just wanna eat ICE CREAM *wink wink*

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Faya said...

Oh my poor Mr. Beasley...
By looking at your pictures, I wonder if your Mom looks as silly as my Véronique, lying on the floor to take THE picture of my nose....hihihi...
Big kisses and slurp for you Mr. Beasley, Faya

Persephone & Buster said...

mr. t-bone ...i do love your "what the crap" look... as for the toootheez...our humomm decided to collect them...and periodically takes the little jar she put them in out to look at them.. they are being held captive in the cabinet so watch out for the silly things the humomms do.. the big teeth are right there and will soon be chomping on all the cheweez and poof!!! you will need new cheweez so off to the store to shop again!!
Ms. Persephone & theBUSTER

Niamh said...

You are an amazing chewer Mr. T-bone!

If your mouth hurts from teething, try some ice cubes. I loved them when I was teething (I still do). The cold felt good on my gums. Or get your person to tie a knot in a washcloth, wet it and freeze it. It's nice to chew on the cold terrycloth.

The G-Dales said...

Hi there Mr. Bease!
We have been waiting for ouwr Mumsie to get it together...she has been sooo busy wiff her business and then...we had a visitor....A KITTY THINGY was in ouwr houwse for a couple of days. Mumsie had to do the right thing , she said.

Anyhow, we saw our assignment and we sent a note to our fwiends in TX.

Nice chewy thingys you got T-Bone. Mumsie saved all of my puppy teeth when they fell out. Roy boy's fell out at Mamma Sherry's so we don't have his...but I bet she saves Lola Dale's too.

We had abusy holiday weekend. Mumsie and Daddy had wike 60 people over for a big pawty. we had a littl kiddie pool toplay in but they got a HUGE slip n slide for the human kiddos in the front yard. It has been busy round here.

We miss ya though Bud...hope all is well. We like that steak thingy ma bob...we asked Mumsie to look for one for us...how does it taste?

Nice to hear you've mastered the jumping up on things trick...now you can get into lots of things you never dreamed of! Coolio! The CD's - bet they didn't taste so great but some plastic makes for good chewin....just be careful not to swallow! I was vewy sick after I swallowed a piece of plastic. Mumsie had to take me to the Vet to get my tummie cut open and have it removed. Then I was sore for a long time and sad cause I couldn't play wiff Roy Boy. But I'm all healed now...Just be a careful dale is all I'm saying.

Okie Dokes...

Big Nose Pokes Bease Bud....

Mr. Cracker Jack Griffindale

Ruby Bleu said...

Wow T-Bone...that's a whole lotta chewing going on!!! But you seem to have the whole situation under control...in my house, those eyes of yours would get you anything you want!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid said...

SOS mr. T-BONE....
We have tried to contact with Harry and Cassidy for it of International Goody Exchange List but it has been impossible. In his blog it does not have any direction of mail. we have left thous a message with ours in order that they write to us, but we do not know anything.
Equally, we have seen that Ben the Rotti also has done the same thing because he thinks that it touches to him ordering thous something, but in this case is to Molly and Taffy. This is a mess, which we cannot do. There helps please, that we do :(

Abby said...

Hi, T-Bone...

Do you think if I told my Mom that my teeth are falling out she would get me some of that stuff??

I'll try & let you know...

Abby xxxooo

Penny & Poppy said...

Beasley, those chewy thingys all look yummy. Love the "what the crap" picture. You are just tooooo cute! Our package to Koobus is almost ready to mail.

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Cassidy said...

Me remembers that well. Watch the big back ones, they can bleed lots and scare the mummy!

We have emailed Verdi & Gaucho and Ben the Rotti now, so let the present swapping begin, whee!

Cassidy x

Mack said...

Hi Mr. T- Bone,
Nice to meet you! Mack T. Beans here. I like to chew too. I like to gnaw and bite and then chew some more. Your bloggy is super cool! Come visit me when you have the time,


Abby said...

Hi, T-Bone...

I gave you an Award...

Please stop by & pick it up...

Abby xxxooo

Willow the Black Dale said...

Wow that is a lot of teeff to lose there Beasely. Glad to see your mom is on top of things with those chewy bones. Hope your mouthy feels better soon.
Nose pokes,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mr. T!
I hope you are not in pain due to your teefies!
I hope all those chews help you!
Kisses and hugs

Noah the Airedale said...

Well we sure hope your big teefies are coming through matie otherwise chewing anything is going to be a right choir hee hee.
We sent off our goodies package to Opy & Charlie yesterday. They should be getting it very soon.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Amber-Mae said...

I wonder if your mouth was all bloody when your teefies fell out coz that's alot of teefies t0 fall out in a day! The nylabone steak does look delish but it's fake...

Butt shakes,
Solid Gold Dancer

Stanley said...


That's the best "what the crap?!" look I've probably EVER seen. You're a young'un but you you're wise beyond your years. I see it in your eyes.

My girl is just like your mama and Faya's Veronique (I call her Gooberique). She is willing to do just about anything to get that perfect juicy schnoz shot.

Goober love & smooches,

Pee Ess
Don't swallow the toofers, man. They hurt coming out.

Faya said...

Beasley... I hope you are feeling better today. Do I have to send you a nice little pig to chew ? I think Véronique will have to go to the post office tomorrow again...Kisses, Faya

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Tbone...you are so mature and well spoken, we forget ur a pup...!!!!!

Hey, Asta's Daddy and Hercules need our help and zen...see our blog for the links....

Thanks T...oh BTW, if you put those pup teeth under your pillow, ya get $$$$$$$$$$ for them!!!!


Eric said...

Mr T chewing is good... chewing on big doggie toofies is even better, boy oh boy you wait and see. By the way you chomping down on any doors yet? Pawfect for chewing on . . . specially if something interesting the other side - like chewies!

Wags, Eric

Willow the Black Dale said...

Bease....I have some pics of my collar on my bloggy. Not that great but my mawmie....well you know she needs the new colored box that holds my pictures and all.
I am a little afraid of what she is going to do to me once she gets that box(or as she calls it...a cAmERa).
Well I am off to garden my little pal. Your EyEs are sooo boootiful or is that handsome because you are a boy? I think you look like mama Greta!
love all around,

JB's Big World said...

T-Bone! You got a T-Bone! A fake T-Bone though.....go ask your mom for a real one, ok?

Bogart said...

Chomp chomp chomp...feels GOOD, doesn't it?

I swallowed almost all of my baby teeth, didn't even notice that they were gone. New ones come in fast!


Chef said...

Hey Bease. That's a lot of teeth to lose at one time. Did you check under the pillow for new toy? What do you think happened to all my baby teeth? I ate them, of course! Never even knew they fell out. I kind of figured it out when I got these new bigger ones poking out. I tried to eat those too but they wouldn't budge -pretty much the only thing I ever tried to eat but couldn't!!


Toffee said...

That T-bone steak looks yummy...is it cannibalism if YOU eat a T-bone steak? Just wondered.

Have a pawsome weekend.

4xBs said...

hey Mr. T-Bone, you are doing some pawsome chewing. you are chewing on a little bit of everything, which is exactly the way to go. we recommend chewing on as much variety as you can get away with. furniture is probably not gonna gain you any points, but the enchiladas may be worth the effort. can you pop one in the mail to us too?


Thor said...

Mr.T-Bone Beasley!
I hope you are not feeling pain because the fall of teeth.
wow! You are a great chewer!


Deefor said...

Boy you lost a lot of teeth!! But if they're only little baby teeths you'll get more bigger ones.

My tooth just broke off. Didn't hurt.

I know what you mean about plastic chews. I'll take rawhide or bones.


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Wow, you manage to keep all your baby teeth. We think we might have swallowed ours cos our mom could only find one, yes 1 tooth.

Boy n Baby