Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hello my friends! Sorry to not have blogged in quite some time, but we have been having some big storms here in Arizona…well, big for Arizona anyway.

I had a good time getting all smelly in the mud and stuff, but even I got a little grossed out by my stentch. Thus, I opted for a bath…by my own will too. This must be a sign of becoming a big boy or something. Maybe… But, secretly…between just all of us, my human first put me in the bath, then bathed me. After I got all dry and stuff I chose to go back to the tub, lick up the remaining water then dig at the tub a bit, just to show it who is boss.

Here is Arizona before the storm…

Then for some reason, the sky God’s were having a rave in the sky! All their sweat fell on us, it was like raining and stuff!

Hehehe, so hopefully the internet connection stays working well!

I keep Linus company while he tries to stay hidden in a box!

This is Mr. T-Bone Beasley signing out and reminding you all to stay away from the lightening…cooked hotdogs belong on the grill…mmm hotdogs…

I'll sniff yah later...

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Sunday, August 24, 2008


TaDa!!!! Presto, Poof and Kazaam! Hehehe! I present to you, a kong! Yes, yes…a glorious Kong!

Here, I was as a ‘lil tyke about 5 months ago enjoying my peanut buttery goodness that was stuffed inside my Kong…

And here is the paste that is put inside the Kong…

And this is what Kong paste looks like when squirted on a nice and juicy schnozz…

You can enjoy a Kong anywhere! I prefer to slobber up a good Kong on the humans bed…err excuse me, my bed. I look like Pooh Bear licking clean the honey pot!

I love the Kongs so much that I dream about them and mistake my own tastey paw for peanut butter Kong stuffin’…

Holey Kongs aren’t the only Kongs out there. There is also something called the Kong Wubba… I figure even the Wubba should have some sort of hole in it. You gotta put the peanut butter somewhere!

After demolition of the yellow Wubba, I moved onto turning the red Wubba into a hole filled, peanut butter holding Kong…

As magical as the Kong family is…I have decided that I thoroughly enjoy my new Everlasting Fun Ball! You all gotta try this bad boy out!

I dream about the Everlasting Fun Ball too!!!


Kong on my friends, Kong on!!!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm Gonna Be A Surgeon!

HI!!! Hello! Greetings and Salutations my friends!

This morning I woke my human up with the sweet screaming of a dying baseball! It was such a great sound the ball was making, until the human came and took it away.

I think I’m going to be a surgeon when I grow up…

Today was my second class of obedience training! And guess what!!! I was the best in the class! For reals! I was the best! Last time I was the worst, but that was only so I could make a point…this time I wowed everyone, even Gregg the trainer!

We worked real hard on sit and stay. I’m pretty good at staying. My God Human comes with me and my Human to training so she can learn too. So, today my Human let her work with me one on one, and I was good at first, but then…well I just really wanted to be with MY Human. So, sometimes I wouldn’t stay, but that’s only ‘cause my human was lonely…she looked like she needed a Mr. T-Bone Beasley by her side. Besides, all the other dogs were looking at her and seemed interested by her…I just wanted them all to know that she is my human.

Anyway, here are some pictures of me on the way to class. You can kinda see my mixed emotions of sadness and excitedness…

I have to rest up real good tonight, ‘cause tomorrow (Wednesday morning) I’m going to my Daycare! I can’t wait! I get to play ALL day…then I sleep for like 2 days straight. It allows my human some good snuggle time with me!


This is Mr. T-Bone Beasley signing out and reminding you all that if you must go through obedience training, have your human cut up the pupperonni treats as the rewards! Those things are delish!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where Did I Go?

Fear not my furry friends!!! I have arrived! I am back! No thanks to my human of course!

Have you ever felt neglected? Like you weren’t number one on your Humans mind? Well…NOT ME!!! Woohoo! That’s why I haven’t been around lots, this time it’s not my humans fault…it’s all mine! I’ve been soaking up all her time and love, and it’s been glorious!

It all started on August 5th…the day I was going to disown my human. It was my first day of school. That’s right! I was being learned! I was way excited to train my human, until I realized that I was being drug around a room with my human shouting “SIT!” “HEEL!” And all I could do was put on my brakes and act like I didn’t know how to walk on a leash or sit.

My ultimate goal was to embarrass the living crap outta my human. I think I succeeded. If I had cheeks and lips I would have told my human F--- YOU, then covered her in my hateful spit! Hehehe, I was so angry at her. The trainer put this gentle leader thing around my nose, so I had to listen…quickly I learned to dislike him as much as my human, but he made me listen to him. My human wasn’t quite so lucky…

The next day I decided to cut my human some slack and I showed her how well I could sit and heel. This coming Tuesday I’m going to class again, hopefully this time I get to teach my human how to sit and heel.

I have so much to talk about and tell you all, but I will have to fit little pieces in here and there with some other posts.

But here is one HUGE update! My God Human adopted a new kitty! YEA!!! I have another toy in the house. But, I’m really nice to him. Wanna hear the funny thing about this new guy? Well first, we names him Linus, secondly, he looks exactly like Satan!!!

Here he is!!!

Here is Satan!

And here they are together!

Satan doesn’t quite like Linus yet, so she spends a lot of time with me. Whenever they hiss and growl at each other I have to be the mediator. I get up and nose them both…they know what’s up…

Speaking of Satan, she has been stealing my treats lately. She has figured out how to get in the box. I'm not very fond of her new found ability.
Next…I got this Red Bow award from my real good friend Chef.

Chef is way awesome and I’m so thankful to have such a great friend like him. Infact, OH CRAP!!! I feel a rap coming on!!!!

Wicky Wicky, his name is Chef and he’s a stylish dude. Right now he’s trying to win the ladies and is trying not to be rude. He likes this girl Gucci and wants to sniff her butt! He told me I need to find a girl and all I could say is…WHAT! My main man Chef he’s got this quirky face that always shows that love and sticks are always coming in first place. Sticks come first, love comes second then some belly rubs…well why not? He’s already naked!

Hehehehe WOOT WOOT! Much love to you Chef!!!

Nextly, I got this Good Friend award from my farting friend, DEETZ! Deetz was like my first friend ever on blogger!!! Wanna know a secret? At first I thought he was a girl, and I asked if he would be my girlfriend…I’m sure this is when he knew that we were gonna be some awesome friends! Oh…OHHHH it’s happening again!!! Another rap!!

Jiggy Jiggy, D-D-D-Deetz my first friend ever well he likes to fart, the louder the better! He likes his snackies and his older little bro Gizmo, but when he doesn’t get enough treats he says, “Hey, I want some MO!” We both bottle farts so we can fly far and play some massive bitey face then fly home just by opening a jar! Deetz, he’s awesome he trains his mum well. When he barks she answers even when he’s in jail!


Lastly, I received this awesome credit card award from my friends Kirby, George and Levi and Angel Cooper. Kirby is awesome. He like’s to open boxes the same way I do! We both know that the corner approach is the best way to get a box open, while ensuring that the grand box flavor is savored in every bite! And George, well…SHE is the coolest! You would think that she would be a boy, but she’s not…she’s like a spy! Hehehehe! Levi is one of my newest friends who is fond of hate eating and paper shredding (which is like music to my ears) and Cooper is such a good friend that watches over his family and all of us! Woot Woot!

Thanks so much to everyone who passed awards on to me! You truly made my week, and if I could I would lick you all on the nose!

Speaking of noses…I need to go check on Faya’s nose…I gotta make sure it’s still looking good and juicy!

OHHHHHH and for real lastly…Lacie said she is gonna be my personal trainer. She’s gonna whip my dale booty (my corn dog tail as some of you would recognize it) into shape! Lacie~ I’ve already started working out. Last Thursday I ran like all day. I didn’t swim, or do push ups, but I for sure ran!

This is Mr. T-Bone Beasley signing out and reminding you all to put your names on the top of your human’s lists!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Salutations my friends!!! First of all, please accept my apologies for my humans laziness. I told her that it was way important to stop by all your blogs this weekend, but instead she took me to like this mini farm thing that belongs to a friend of hers.

YEA!!! Like a farm with chickens and horses, and another dog name Black Berry!

This is Black Berry, and my corndog tail! Dang I have a great butt!

Me and Black Berry again, keeping a look out for chickens!

Then, we went to a grassy area. I tried to play bitey face, but Black Berry wanted a piggy back ride. I wouldn’t let him on…

After we played for a bit, it was time to find those chickens!!! I got to chase one! It made all sorts of cool sounds, and I found out that chickens can fly really, REALLY high! Yea! I totally chased it over a fenced after it hovered for a while! Unfortunately, my human didn’t get a picture of my great chicken hunt. She was trying to catch me without having a chicken fly into her head.

I would have loved if a chicken flew into my head!

There was a Zebra chicken…

And an Afro chicken…that one was my favorite!

A couple of peacocks…

Once my human was able to capture me, I was locked out of the chicken area! Why do I always have to be behind bars! “I’m locked up, they won’t let me out, locked up they won’t let me out!” I totally feel Akon the rapper’s pain in this song!

And this is Nelly the horse. I went to go sniff her until a human came running and said that she likes to bite dogs…So I got yanked by the butt, which I did not corndog tail is way sensitive!

Here are a couple more pictures of the horses! You will notice my humans white and pastey arm feeding a horse! A horse! And she wouldn’t let me have any of the food! This is one of those moments where she is evil!

And there was another moment that her evil side showed up. This is a pool…

Not any pool of course, the pool that my human put me in. She wanted to see if I could swim, or even liked to swim. I tried to remind her of the time I fell in the deep end of the lake at the dog park, and was forced to swim…but she said that didn’t count.

So, in I went! It took me a little bit to get my back paddlers to work. Luckily, my butt floats! I tried to get out at the deep end, but there were no steps, and I can’t quite yet figure out how to turn around. So, at that point I became panicked! The God human turned me around and I was able to swim back to safety! I was so exhausted, that I couldn’t even get out of the water…I stretched out on the steps and rested my chin on the deck of the pool and just stared at my human. At that point she knew of my unhappiness, but all she did was laugh! She’s evil, no? Again, there was no picture…the human was busy playing life guard!

After all the stress of finding a chicken while being locked up, I got hungry. So I found some chicken poo that smelled like a good thing to eat! So I ate it…then barfed it back up! It was pretty cool, the human nearly gagged…but I like playing magic tricks like that! I make things disappear and re-appear!
There was also a pot in the backyard that I was afraid of! It was a way creepy pot! My tail was totally tucked and I tried to stay low to the ground!

When I got home I crashed, hard. The human even poked me and I wouldn’t move my head, just my eyes…if even that! It was a long day.

I hope some day my human gets me my very own chicken. Until then, my chicken comes to me in a pot!

Pee-Ess: Everyone keep your Paws Crossed for Jackson!!

This is Mr. T-Bone Beasley signing out and reminding everyone to be on the look out for chickens!!!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley