Friday, June 27, 2008

Fuzzy Wuzzy...

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. If Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, Wuzzy Fuzzy? And here I am!!! The Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear! Whooo! Believe me, I am fuzzy! Errr, I was fuzzy...

Yesterday my human woke me up at the butt crack of dawn and took me to...dum dum dummmmm...the Groomer! As she got me ready I rolled on the bed and covered my ears. If I couldn't hear her, then I didn't need to go get an Airecut.

Apparrently, according to the human...that doesn't work. So, here I am now! My second Airecut ever!!!

There is no more dirt underneath my toenails, I don't have hidden filth in the mid layer of my fuzz, I look like a giant pipe cleaner and there is this weird scent of flowers following me around!

I felt so different after the Airecut that I became worried that I could no longer do any of the things I used to when I was a Fuzzy Wuzzy.

So, I chewed on a Bully Stick, and brought an intense aroma into the house. CHECK! I can still chew a bully stick just as well...

I whipped a towel around in the backyard and beat it to death. CHECK! I was able to do that, and even felt a little more free as I threw the towel from side to side.

I napped on one of my beds to see if I could still be comfortable with the scent of flowers overpowering my nostrils. CHECK! I even got to curl up in a ball without panting!

Then, I got a good drink of water to see if my wet beard could still shock the human when I nose poke her and drip a decent amount of water everywhere. CHECK! I wasn't too worried about that one, I've always been good at dripping water all over the floor.

Finally, the one I was most worried ability to eat Frosty Paws. CHECK!!!! I can still totally do everything that I used to do when I was a Fuzzy Wuzzy! Woohoo!

I've been working really hard to get this flowery smell off of if I see my human come at me with any spray or shampoo, she's getting the evil eyes...

This is Mr. T-Bone Beasley signing out!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Toy Update!

Salutations oh furry friends! In the past couple of months I have received some of the best presents I could ever ask for! These presents come in boxes, which I will be honest, are my favorite part of present-ing! Anyway, those who have sent me boxes, toys and treats do a much better job picking out goodies than my human does! Woohoo for friends!

So, the purpose of today is to give everyone an update on all the goodies I have received! And here they are! You will notice that one toy in particular is missing...yes, that is correct, we suffered a casualty with my cow from Faya. It was a sad and horrific day when I realized that the cow was missing a leg, and it was bleeding white fluff! I couldn't stand the pain it brought to my heart! The stuffing, the whiteness, the fluffiness...THE HORROR! I decided to be a good guy and brought the de-legged cow to my human, and as tears welled up in my eyeballs my human knew it was time...time for the cow to pass on over to Stuffy Heaven where it can roll around in stuffing and plump, glorious clouds...for me, it was a sad day. Perhaps for the cow it was the best day since Faya's Veronique purchased him. I prefer not reflect on my cows last days in my life, instead I would like for us all to remember my white cow for the greatness that he was. He will forever be in my heart.

Thank you again, Faya for bringing the white cow to my home, and happy jaws...there were great times, great times...

Faya seems to really enjoy those farm animals because she also sent me a pig! I am happy to report that the pig still lives! I make him oink every day just to make sure that he's still with us! I think he's happy here in Arizona. I roll him around in dirt almost every day. First, I slobber him REALLY good, then I put him in the dirt, thus making him a muddy pig. For this, I think he is grateful! And here is my pig now!

He looks happy, doesn't he! I am so pleased that I am able to take care of him so well, I really have been trying really hard to make his life the best life ever! Satan seemed a little envious that I had my very own pig, and she tried to spend a little time with him.

I squashed that idea quickly. It's bad enough that she eats my pupperoni's, she can't have my pig too. It's not like I get anything from playing in her catnip...though, I do enjoy her food every now and then, so I should share, but I'm just not ready right now! Perhaps tomorrow...maybe...
Okay, okay...who's up next? Ahhhh yes, the honkin'/fartin' duck that Deetz got me. At one point I thought I killed him too, but it turns out that he still lives too! Woohoo! His quacker doesn't always work anymore, I think he's going through some there such thing as a stuffie doctor?
This duck is awesome! I often like to take naps on him, he's a great pillow. Plus, when I wake up he is there ready for a shakin' and a biting! Lately I enjoy throwing him against the wall, then in the air...then I slobber up his wings so he can't fly away. I would be so sad if he left me!

And to you Deetz, and Deetz's mum thanks for being the first furry friend to send me a package! The honkin'/fartin' duck has been a great addition to my toy box!
Sometimes, what I like to do is lay on one toy while I chew on the other. As you see here I was holding my mailman hostage while giving the honkin'/fartin' duck a good chew!

On to the package de los Griffindales!!!! I would have to say that my favorite toy from that box was the blue rubbery one with the rope! It's perfectly sized for my nose!

Ahhhh and the rubbery part has little spikes. I can't help but get sleepy when I gnaw on that thing! I do have a confession though...

Forgive me God of Toys, for I have sinned...while playing with the soccer ball with ropes, well ~gulp~ I kinda accidentally broke it! I KNOW! I KNOW!! Killing my toys does not show great appreciation! But, I couldn't help it! It just felt so good to pull, and pull...then pull some more! By the fourth pull the rope was in my mouth, without the soccer ball.

I begged my human to keep it! I just couldn't bare to send another stuffie to stuffie heaven! It's just too much, I can't handle the thought!

So, for now I get to keep both parts of the toy...the rope and the soccer ball with one attached rope. Whew, I almost lost another one! Really, what I did could be considered genius. I made one toy, two! Woohoo! They also sent me a red holee roller that I thoroughly enjoy, especially if there is a treat in it. In fact, when the holee roller is empty I pull it out of my toy box, drop it by the smelly foot of my human and stare...she then realizes that the toy is missing it's guts and puts a treat right in the middle! Yahar! I have my human trained real good!
To The Griffindales, thank you for your awesome generosity! You and your mom deserve a big WOOHOO!
Ahhhh, and onto Chef's package for the International Goodie Exchange! Look how well I broke in the mail man! He's nice and dirty, just as a mail man should be!

He has such a great whappability factor! I throw him to one side of my body, then to the other! I think it makes him dizzy! I enjoy throwing him in the air and watching him spin. He has yet to barf. If he barfs, I'm thinking he would throw up stuffing. And I don't think I could manage seeing that. Just the thought is making me nauseous...

My human had to go in the backyard to find my squeaking yellow ball and my red giggle ball. I've working on learning how to bury the balls. Right now I just dig a hole and leave the ball next to it. I like to ferment my toys in the earth, but I'm afraid I'll never find them again! However, since my human brought them back in, I found it appropriate to play with them and allow their glorious sounds to echo throughout my household! It was beautiful, really...

The blue squeaky Frisbee and green bone allow my human to work out her eye ball muscles since they twitch whenever the ball squeaks. My favorite time to bring these toys out is when my human least expects it! I like to make sure she knows where I am at all times, then SURPRISE! The eye twitching begins! Ahhhh Chef, thank you for your thoughfulness in present have brought me many hours of joy and you are preventing my human's eye balls from becoming fat! I try to work them out at least every other day...
Now, one of my first toys ever was the cow rope Frisbee from my human's human...that would be her mom! She loves me. She never yells at me or smacks my nose like my human does. She could tell what I liked before I ever even arrived to Arizona! The rope is the best part of the toy. I have yet to destroy it, but believe you me, I have tried. Oh, I have tried! Hehehe! And guess what! The cow Frisbee still lives, and usually travels with me to work!
So there it toys and all the joy that they have brought to me and my terrier jaws! Wooo!

This is Mr. T-Bone Beasley signing out with a huge THANK YOU and slurp to Chef, The Griffindales, Deetz, Faya, my human's human and all of my furry friend's humans for sending such awesomeness my way!
Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Little Sister?

Hello all you four legged humans! I must prepare you all before you look at the picture below. I am ~gasp~ going to post a picture of a human! Not just any human...but a little human! First, let me tell you who this human is, and how my secret keeper of a human kept the little human from me!

So, I just found out that my human does this thing with Big brother and Big sisters where she gets to have something called a "little"... basically, this means that time is going to be taken away from me so she can entertain a little human! Can you believe that! The horror! The neglect! The evil!!! Well, it turns out that my human isn't all that evil being that she brought the little human with us to the dog park...So with out further adieu, I present to you...THE LITTLE HUMAN!!!!

Yes, yes she's adorable, and yes, yes she is the sweetest! But I am too, okay? I would like to think that we are pretty even...right? We are both adorable and sweet, right? I just want to be sure that my human doesn't forget about me....and ~gulp~ pay more attention to a little human over me...her four legged human!

Okay, so not only did I get to meet the little human, but I got to meet her dog Buddy too! I never realized how big I was until I saw my head in comparison to his head! Yowza!!!

We had a good time at the park! But when I got home I was so tired! I totally had to nap on my humans feels so good to be under the fan when the AC is on. I even get to snuggle in the blankets! Why is it that the humans get to live the life of luxury, and I...MISTER T-Bone Beasley have beds...on the floor, "BAH" I say!

Anyway, that's about it. I just want everyone to know that I was really nice to my new little human. I gave her lots of kisses, but to be completely honest I was a little more interested in Buddy. I tried to hump him so he knew who was boss. I really did try to dominate, but he never let me - I got growled at and bit instead. My human just sighed and said, "Only two weeks until you get NEW-TURD." I don't get it...why would I want a new turd? I've got plenty of my own, I don't need any new ones, mine work just fine...humans, they make little to no sense most of the time!

I just thought I would show everyone my thoughtfulness toward my new piggy from Faya. If you look closely you will see that I tried to re-unite the piggy with it's hoof. Sadly, it didn't fit, but I did try! In any event I played with the pig and gnawed on the hoof! Dang it was a good day!

I hope you all are having a great weekend thus far! This is Mr. T-Bone Beasley signing out and reminding everyone that sometimes a little kiss and coy eye contact will get you out of any trouble you've found yourself in! Woohoo!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taste-ee Tuesday...

You see this? I didn't know whether to be mad or excited! To those who are confused as to what's on my nose, don't worry, it's not poop! It's peanut butter Kong paste that my human squirted all over my juicy schnoz!

After a good lick I decided that I was oober pleased to have this paste-ee peanut butter on my nose. Ooooo was some good stuff!

As you notice, I turned to another human for help with the removal of the Kong paste from the very top of my nose. My mean human could do nothing but snicker!

But, oh man...that was some awesome Kong paste! I think I still have a little more stuck on the very top of my furry snout, I can't quite reach it!!! Perhaps the human will have to squirt some more Kong paste on my nose so I can get the remanding paste off, right? I mean that's the only way...right?

I just want you all to know that it's still hotter than an easy bake oven over here in Arizona. I have come up with my own cooling system. I get wet, then get towel dried so I'm still a little damp, then I lay on the cool tile. My own evaporative cooling system, if you will! In order to save my tennis ball from melting outside, I sleep with my mouth of course!

This is Mr. T-Bone Beasley signing out and reminding you all to make sure your humans are giving you something Taste-ee on Tuesday!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sweet, Succulent Pool...

Salutations my friends! So, this week in Arizona it has been at least 110 degrees. Needless to say, it's, oober hot! Being that I pant all the time, my human bought me this...

That's right! A pool! A whole entire pool to myself! At first I was a bit leery of it, being that the hose was filling it with water. You have to be careful! That hose will totally attack you at a moment's notice! Anyway, once I realized it was safe I took a drink of the hose water...

Then I got in! And OH MAN!!! It was so much fun! My favorite was digging in the sloshed everywhere...

and I got to snorkel...

and lounge in the pool...

When a breeze came by I got kinda cold. So, I rolled in the nice and warm dirt...oh, felt soooo good!

My human locked me outta the house because I was what she calls, "dirty." Pshhhh. While outside I made a polite bark to alert her that I was ready to come inside. After I realized that I was being ignored I made a very sassy bark and shook my head from side to side...

I just had so much fun! The best was snorkeling, and getting my face all wet and dripping! Woohoo!

After the water was emptied from my pool I decided it was time for a nap...and to send some intense ESP to all of my friends. Have you all felt it yet?

This is the very wet and tired Mr. T-Bone Beasley, signing out and reminding you all to stay cool in heat and drink lots of water!!! Unless of course your are Noah and sisters!!! You guys keep warm!


Mr. T-Bone Beasley