Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bed Upgrade!

Greeting from the couch!! I have decided that since my name is MR. T-Bone Beasley...the Mister could only mean that I am royalty. As you all know, royalty does NOT sleep on the floor. Also, royalty does not sleep on either of these beds...

I shall only sleep on those beds when I choose to! Perhaps I shall pretend to slumber there when I am on the look out for Satan...the floor crawling, counter jumping, tail swishing CAT! I will get her one of these days!
Anyway, my human does not quite realize it yet, but her and I have finally switched beds. I have the evidence to prove it!

Here I lie in all my glory! I have now claimed my humans bed in the name of MISTER T-Bone Beasley!
I'm just watching for my human so I can attack if she comes close to my bed! Okay fine, so I'll share it with her! Sometimes at night, I like to pretend like I'm going to be a floor sleeper, but once she's fast asleep I jump up as quiet as a Satan cat, and I snuggle her butt! Then, when it gets too hot I sleep on the other half of the bed and put my head on the pillow just like she does...and I stare. It's really funny when she feels me staring, 'cause her eyes pop open, and she nearly falls off the bed! Hehehehe, so I have to kiss her on the face to let her know that it's me...not some furry midget stranger danger kinda guy!
This is Mr. T-Bone Beasley signing out and reminding you all to take what is rightfully yours...the entire household!!!
Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh To Chew...

Hello all of my furry friends!!! Again, I greet you from the floor, I feel as if my best side shows when at the nose level. Notice, I have done a good job at keeping the brown stripe of dirt at the top of my snout! My human finally understands that it's a part of me, it's a part of my personality!

Well, over the weekend I lost about 5 teeth. The only baby teeth that I have left are 4 of my very back molars. Thus, eating my puppy chow goodness has been very difficult. So, all I have to do is give my human my, "but it hurts" eyes and I get that awesome puppy food from the can. Oh man! I love that stuff!

Now, these teeth don't just fall out on their own, I make them fall out! I just chew and chew, and then chew a little bit more! I try to eat the tooth, but it's hard to get down, so I just spit it out...then bite my human so she can see that I'm bleeding, and that means I need a treat! Anyway, my favorite things to chew on right now are those awesomely delish bully sticks! My human tried to switch it up a bit by buying me this...

I mean, it was a good call! It's a nylabone T-Bone Steak, and it smells like bacon! Joe Stains posted about it once, and he seemed to super love it, so I thought, "heck, I outta give it a try too!" So I gave it a good chompin'!

But then I realized...that it wasn't a real steak! Being that it wasn't real, that meant I couldn't really eat it! What the crap is that!!! Here is my look of "what the crap!"

So, in utter disgustment I gave up the steak and moved on to a special rawhide that I picked out all by myself. It was a little heavy, but while shopping with my human for the International Goody Exchange, I pulled this outta the bin and gave it a big chomp, then put my cooties all over it! That pretty much guarantees that my human will have to buy it!

Mmmmmmm, Rawhide bone...

So, after I spat out another tooth I decided that it was time to move onto another chewy, but before I could do that, I needed to look cute for that little silver box that flashes at me all the humans camera.

As you see, I even gave my leash a good lick before I gnawed it a bit. I gotta share the love!

Anyway, I moved on to a pig hoof...mmmm I love those pig hooves, especially the stuffed ones.

Even Uncle Frisco joined in on the fun!!!

After I spat out yet another tooth...I thought to myself, "Yah know Bease, those unconventional toys are the ones that usually feel the best in my mouth." So, I turned to a stack of CD's that my human neglectfully left out on her bed. And being that I have now master jumping up on everything, I jumped on the bed and progressed to chomp deeper and deeper into the plastic goodness that was the CD case.
Ohhhhhhh yeaaaaaa, that's the good stuff!!!

Only four more teeth to go guys!!!! Woohoo!!!

Really though, I would rather have chomped on those enchiladas!
This is Mr. T-Bone Beasley signing out and reminding you all to check the list for the Internatioal Goody Exchange!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The List Has Arrived!

Without further Adeu, I present to you the LIST!!!! Woohoo!!!!

International Goody Exchange List

1. Faya to George – United Kingdom
2. Penny and Poppy to Koobuss - Pennsylvania
3. Niamh to Kirby - Chicago
4. Verdi and Gaucho to Harry and Cassidy - England
5. Noah to Opy and Charlie - Australia
6. Toffee to Dewey Dewster - Pennsylvania
7. Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley to Foley - Oregon
8. Gunner to Bella and Gabriel- Canada
9. Koobuss to Crikit, Ginger and Sparky – United States
10. Maggie and Mitch to 4xB’s - Washington
11. Harry and Cassidy to Ben the Rotti - Yorkshire
12. Arabella to Deefor - Colorado
13. Deefor to Sherman, Penny and Lola - Pennsylvania
14. Ben the Rotti to Molly and Taffy - England
15. Stanley and Stella to Gaia - Washington
16. Chef to Mr. T-Bone Beasley - Arizona
17. Mr. T-Bone Beasley to Chef - Canada
18. Gaia to Neko - California
19. Lorenza to Rusty - Texas
20. Boy and Baby to Jazz and Dixie - Tokyo
21. Willow to Dawson - Oregon
22. Moco to Kimi - Washington
23. Zoo Crew to Mack - Texas
24. Lola to Sparky - Canada
25. Lacy Lulu to Ricky Pepper - Pennsylvania
26. Peanut to Asta – New York
27. Mack to Lacy Lulu – North Carolina
28. Moondance Huskies to Niamh – North Carolina
29. Apache’s Tribe to Jake and Just Harry (The Barkalot Boyz) - Florida
30. Airechicks to Lorenza - Mexico
31. Eric to Jackson – United Kingdom
32. Candi to Verdi y Gaucho - Spain
33. JB the Cat to Beauty and Rugrat - Canada
34. Kirby to Butchy and Snickers - Iowa
35. Ruby to Buster - Iowa
36. Butchy and Snickers to Moondance Huskies - Connecticut
37. Velcro to Mona - Texas
38. Buster to Deetz - Kansas
39. Griffindales to Gus and Louie - Texas
40. Opy and Charlie to Orable and Charlie - Australia
41. Persophone, Buster and Blue to Mindy Lu - California
42. Sherman, Penny and Lola To Stanley and Stella - Kansas
43. Jake and Harry The Bark A lot Boyz to Flash - Louisiana
44. Molly and Taffy to Candi – Northern Ireland
45. Kimi to Moco - Oregon
46. Jackson to Faya - Switzerland
47. Randi to Maggie and Mitch - Connecticut
48. Bella and Gabriel to Gunner - Canada
49. Foley to Apache’s Tribe – New Mexico
50. Dawson to the Brat Pack – United States
51. 4xB’s to Agatha and Archie - Boston
52. Orable and Charlie to Noah - Australia
53. Simba to Eric - England
54. Mona to Peanut - Louisiana
55. The Brat Pack to Ruby - California
56. Pearl and Opal to Pedro – New York
57. Agatha and Archie to Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley - Pennsylvania
58. Sparky to Clover - Canada
59. Pedro to Penny and Poppy - Georgia
60. Gus and Louie to The Zoo Crew – New Mexico
61. Neko to Randi - California
62. Ricky Pepper to Persephone, Buster and Blue - Connecticut
63. Amber to Boy and Baby - Singapore
64. Happy to Amber - Malaysia
65. Mindy Lu to Ezzy and Jag - Georgia
66. Herby with Cats Fatty and Nixon to Willow - Michigan
67. Clover to Lola - Canada
68. Abby to Hershey and Kaci – New England
69. Rusty to Velcro - California
70. Amber Mae to Happy - Malaysia
71. Deetz to Pearl and Opal – New Jersey
72. Asta to Fenway - Maryland
73. Jazz and Dixie to Amber-Mae - Malaysia
74. Dewey Dewster to Abby – New York
75. Flash to the Griffindales - Massachusetts
76. Ezzy and Jag to Arabella - Kentucky
77. Crikit, Ginger and Sparky to The Airechicks - Texas
78. George to Simba – United Kingdom
79. Hershey and Kaci to Herbie and cats Fatty and Nixon – United States
80. Fenway to Toffee – United States
81. Beauty and Rugrat to Kodak, Winton and 3 Perf – California
82. Kodak, Winton and 3 Perf to JB the Cat - Texas

So there you have it - our official International Goody Exchange list. To recap the rules:

  • get in touch with your partner soon and exchange co-ordinates;
  • the cost of your package is up to you but the average is about $15;
  • do your best to mail it so that it reaches its destination the week of June 9. If we see that there are several of you who haven't received your package by then, we will extend the deadline. We'll play that by ear;

  • hustle over to the pet store and start shopping, and

  • have fun!
And a special thanks to Chef for making this cool ribbon award for helping out in the exchange! You rock buddy!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Friday, May 23, 2008

List of Participants...

Hello!!! Here is the list of participants that Chef and I have found for the International Goody Exchange! If you see any errors or would like to be added to the list just let us know!!!

International Goody Exchange List

1. Faya – Switzerland
2. Penny and Poppy – Georgia
3. Niamh – North Carolina
4. Verdi and Gaucho – Spain
5. Noah – Australia
6. Toffee – United States
7. Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley – Pennsylvania
8. Gunner – Canada
9. Koobuss – Pennsylvania
10. Maggie and Mitch – Connecticut
11. Harry and Cassidy – England
12. Arabella – Kentucky
13. Deefor – Colorado
14. Ben – Yorkshire
15. Stanley and Stella – Kansas
16. Chef – Canada
17. Mr. T-Bone Beasley – Arizona
18. Gaia – Washington
19. Lorenza – Mexico
20. Boy and Baby – Singapore
21. Willow – Michigan
22. Moco – Oregon
23. Zoo Crew – United States
24. Lola – Canada
25. Lacy Lulu – North Carolina
26. Peanut – Louisiana
27. Mack – Texas
28. Moondance Huskies – Connecticut
29. Apache’s Tribe – New Mexico
30. Airechicks – Texas
31. Eric – England
32. Candi – Northern Ireland
33. JB the Cat – Texas
34. Kirby – Chicago
35. Ruby – California
36. Butchy and Snickers – Iowa
37. Velcro – California
38. Buster – Florida
39. Griffindales – Massachusetts
40. Opy and Charlie – Australia
41. Persophone, Buster and Blue – Connecticut
42. Sherman, Penny and Lola – Pennsylvania
43. Jake – Florida
44. Molly and Taffy – England
45. Kimi – Washington
46. Jackson – Englad
47. Randi – California
48. Bella and Gabriel – Canada
49. Foley – Oregon
50. Dawson – Oregon
51. 4xB’s – Washington
52. Orable and Charlie – Australia
53. Simba – United Kingdom
54. Mona – Texas
55. The Brat Pack – United States
56. Pearl and Opal – New Jersey
57. Agatha and Archie – Boston
58. Sparky – Canada
59. Pedro – New York
60. Gus and Louie – Texas
61. Neko – California
62. Ricky Pepper – Pennsylvania
63. Amber – Malaysia
64. Happy – Malaysia
65. Mind Lu – California
66. Herby with Cats Fatty and Nixon – United States
67. Clover – Canada
68. Abby – New York
69. Rusy – Texas
70. Amber Mae – Malaysia
71. Deetz – Kansas
72. Asta – New York
73. Jazz and Dixie – Tokyo
74. Dewey Dewster – Pennsylvania
75. Flash – Louisiana
76. Ezzy and Jag - ???
77. Crikit, Ginger and Sparky – United States
78. George – United Kingdom
79. Hershey and Kaci – New England
80. Fenway – Maryland
81. Beauty and Rugrat - Canada

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Celebrity Look Alikes!

Hello my friends! It came to my realization that some of my pictures look very similar to some celebrities that we all know and love!

For example, here...this is me being Deetz!

Do you see the resemblance?

And here, I'm being Stanley from Gooberstan! My eyes even glow with awesomeness, just like his!

And right here I think I did a pretty good impersonation of Faya!

We take the same approach to Bully Stick chewing! I think I do a pretty good Faya!

And here, I'm being one of the Griffindales, Jack and running away with a toy so no one else can have it!

I'm just a little more naked than him!

And right here, I'm like Noah after his "procedure" when his bits were removed...

Did I captured his feelings well?

And though our fuzz are different colors, I think I look a bit like Asta right here...

A sleepy Asta anyway...

And here I am pretending to be Yalo from Apache's Tribe!

We've got the same eyes and nose!!!

Right here I am being JB the cat...

Okay, Fine! Soo it's Satan pretending to be JB...I could do it too if I really tried!

And Finally! Here I am being Brett Michaels...but I prefer my chicks with beards...

Do you see the similarities????

Farewell my friends! Until we meet again! And If you haven't done so already, please sign up for the International Goody Exchange! So far we have about 67 of you all participating! Woo hoo!

This is Mr. T-Bone Beasley signing out!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pre Partay!!

This weekend I received a package from the Griffindales! Which allowed me to have a pre-party for the International Goody Exchange! Oh man! I'm the luckiest guy alive!

When I got home Friday there was a box at the door! As soon as I saw it I knew it was mine! I can smell awesomeness from miles away!

Of course, I'm good at the corner approach to box opening. So, I stuck with what I knew and I tried to open it. But do you see that silver stuff! It wouldn't let me open the box! It was a force field of some sort...those things are everywhere Mango! With some help from the human, the box was magically opened...
TADA!!! Look at all the awesomeness that was inside!

First, let me give you an up close and personal look at the best thing in the box!

Ack! Watch out for the keyboard! You're drooling...mmmmmmmm cookie! Once I got those bad boys out I was ready to get down to business and was ready to commence package de-stuffing!

The first toy out was the rope and soccer ball! The thing squeeks! I love to squeek, errr I mean that I like the toys that squeek! I gave it a quick nibble, then I took it out and shook the crap outta it! I squeeked it and squeeked it until my human took it away and reminded me that I still had more stuff in the box! Woohoo for more stuff!

Drum roll please...

I nose poked the holee roller! I smooshed that thing good! The Griffindales sent these huge treats that my human sticks in the middle of the roller, and it takes forever to get out, but it's so much fun! I smash the holee roller with my nose until the treat breaks into pieces and fall out of the toy. I'm getting good at it!

And now for my absolute favorite of the batch!!!! (A video was suppose to be here, but for some reason it won't let me upload it. So until I can get it to work I will let you know what the video looked like). It's this blue pokey rubber thing that is shaped like a horse shoe, and there is a rope through the bottom! I was pulling on the rubber with my front teeth, then gnawing on it with my back teeth! Oh man! It felt so good that I got those sleepy eye!

Can you see how sleepy my eyes got! The Griffindales must have known how badly I was teething, because this blue ropey thing felt soooooo good! This blue toy has been going everywhere with me! I took it to work all weekend, and when I went to entertain the little humans I took the toy with me...I had to show them, they get jealous! Then they chase me, 'cause they want my toy! I love work! I don't know what all those humans gripe about! It's so much fun!

I love my toys!!!

Like a rude human, she kept my card from me until I was good and tired. She was afraid I would eat it out of pure excitement. It took me some time to sound out the vowels, just kidding...I can't read. Luckily, my human can at least do that!

Thank you so much Griffindales! You guys made my weekend the best weekend ever. I slept with my soccer ball last night...I only flattened it a little bit. I was able to fix it after chomping on it for a while! Hehehe! I love you guys! You helped get me ready for the package exchange. I love to pre partay!

Okay, now I must remind you all the National Goody Exchange is in the process of being put together! Don't forget to either let Chef or myself know if you want in! It's gonna be so much fun! So far we have 50 of us critters signed up! Check out my last post "It's Time..." to get all of the details!!! Wheeee!

Packages are the best!

This is Mr. T-Bone Beasley, Master Box Opener signing out!


Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's Time...

Alrighty my friends!!!! EEEEE my human just gave me the details of the International Package Exchange! She wasn't gonna tell me...but I just nibbled her toes and licked her feet then I twisted her arm until she fessed up to the TRUTH!!!

So here it is! But first, let me tell you how this great idea was spurted! It all started when my buddy Chef was surfin' from dog blog to dog blog...then suddenly he felt a little zap right in between his ears! That's right! You all know what feeling I'm talking about! An idea is what he had! He sprouted the single most awesome idea ever! So he sent his mom to my human so they could work out the fine details.

And now...I present to you, International Package Exchange! WhoopEEEEEE! Here's how it works. Firstly, we would love for everyone to be a part of this marvelous occasion, though we understand if you prefer to share in the excitement instead! Excitement is the best! Anyway, the plan is to get as many of us critters involved so that we can make a Secret Santa type of goody exchange. We will all be randomly picked to gift to one another. For example: I would give a goody to Chef, Chef gives a goody to Deetz, Deetz gives a goody to Griffindales, Griffindales give a goody to 4xB's and then 4xB's give a gift to it kinda goes in a circle...but more random, if that makes sense (the human will be drawing names from a hat, unless I eat that first). I have a bunch of dogs running circles in my head now! Can you all feel it too!?!

Anyway, moving on. So, those who would like to be a part of this will comment to Chef or myself by Saturday, May 24th. Then, Sunday, May 25th we will post the list of names of who got who, so that you all are able to get addresses and get to know eachother a little better if you didn't know eachother already...maybe do a cyber butt sniff! Then we shall celebrate International Package Exchange on the week of June 9th! Hopefully all of our packages will be mailed out so we can post the awesomeness that we all received!

There is a catch...the human's decided to cap the expenses to about $15. I made my human discover a whole sale pet store so I get more for less...Woooo! If any of you live in a multi-pet home, you can sign up as a family, and mail just one package from all of you. To avoid costly shipping charges and delays in the mail, we will do our best to pair up those living overseas, Mexico, etc. Oh man I'm excited! Who will I get! Who will get me!!! EEEEE, ahhh crap... you can't see me right now, right? 'Cause I just accidentally peed a little bit outta excitement. I'll just have to cover the spot up with a stuffy. Shhhhh!

EEEEEEEEE! I can't wait! I hope it doesn't feel like forever 'till the week of the 9th 'cause it felt like forever just to get this information outta my human!

This is the potty trained (I swear!), Mr. T-Bone Beasley signing out!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mmmmm Package...

Hello! You can't act like you don't enjoy my crooked smile! As you human got me a new camera! And it's a good thing she did, after was her fault that it broke in the first place. But enough with that, I forgave her after I got a chewy!

Okay, before I lay some heavy news on you all I need to take a deep breath...Wheeewww okay...EEEEEEE

Alright, so ... Dudes and Dudettes! You'll never guess what's going on! I'm tingling with excitement and anxiousness....oooo I can't wait to tell you! Or...should I make you wait, no I can't make you all wait, it's just too AWESOME!!!

Okay so here it is...but keep it on the shhhh 'cause if my human knows that I know because I like to eavesdrop and snoop around, I may not get my evening frosty paws ice cream!

So, okay...okay, alright...Deep Breath Beasley! Breathe! EEEEEE! Okay, so my buddy Chef came up with this great idea about all of us critters (dogs, cats, hamsters) doing an International Package Exchange...Gosh I love packages...mmmm and box opening is THE BEST!!! Maybe it'll be something like the Secret Santa thing that our humans do...I dunno but I could just give Chef a huge, sloppy after drink kiss for sprouting this idea! What do you all think! Wouldn't this be the best thing ever!

For like a week we would all have the best day ever...for like 7 days! WOOOOO Go team Dogs with Blogs!!! Dang, that Chef is a genius... So there it is...I don't know if you quite caught my enthusiasm about this but EEEEE! I can't wait 'till next week to hear the rest of the details! But don't worry! I'll keep you posted!

Okay I gotta pee now...and that's a golden french fry dog treat! It's glowing with heavenly goodness!
Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hello? Can you see me? Heeelllllooooo? Oh no! You can't see me, and you wanna know why? Well because my human is an idiot! If someone out there has a stoopid human award could you please send it my way so I can hit her over the head with it! The black square that you are looking at is now what happens when my human takes a picture of me.

That's right! There is no Mr. T-Bone Beasley! She has lost countless moments that could have been captured and cherished. And now...nothing...

And I'm sure you are all wondering how the camera met it's death. Well, my neglectful human put the camera on the top of the sofa, and then she MADE me run into the couch. In slow motion we watched the camera fall. And I hard I tried to catch it, but unfortunately I was not quick enough. There was no time!!!!

So you all know what this means right? I'm gonna make her put on at least a little make-up 'cause I don't need her scaring people...and I'm gonna send her out to get me a new camera! She owes me! She owes us all! Right?
Well, bah...

This is Mr. T-Bone Black Square signing out and reminding you all to keep your humans away from the stoopid bug...I hear it's contagious!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley